Argan Oil Natural Oils Review

Argan Oil Review – Best Argan Oil brands ranked

argan oil review

There are multiple argan oil brands in the market so it’s sometimes hard to tell which argan oil brand is worth buying. I have tested multiple argan oil brands and I hope this review helps you to choose the best product and brand for you. I have gathered here the best argan oil products with reviews. After the argan oil review you should find out how to use argan oil for hair and how to get the best effects of my favourite oil!

The Argan Oil Review – Best Argan Oil Brands

I have discovered that the most expensive products is not always the best. I truly hated the popular Morocconoil and Josie Marans argan oil. These brands are not worth of their prices. I believe you can get a great quality with a reasonable price.

The best test for argan oil is to test the smell. Real 100% pure argan oil should have a slight nutty scent. It comes in a nut. Remember always check for a scent! Meaning if it is unscented, either its been stripped of its scent through chemical processes or its not one hundred percent authentic. Now let’s get to the argan oil review.

1# Pura d’or 100% pure argan oilpurador

After all of the argan oil brands, Pura d’or argan oil is the product I use nowadays. It makes my hair extremely smooth, shiny and moisturized. The best property of Pura D’or argan oil is that it doesn’t leave my hair greasy at all! I can use this multiple times a day but it never fails. Plus it is of course 100% pure, organic and cold pressed. It comes with a glass bottle and a great pump which helps to apply oil better. I was extremely pleased while making this Pura d’or argan oil review, so it’s definitely worth buying! 4oz.

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2# Aria Starr Beauty 100% Pure Organic Argan Oilariastarr

This brand was excellent also. Aria Starr argan oil gave me smooth and shiny hair but it absorbed to skin a bit slower than Pura D’or argan oil. Otherwise it’s a great brand; it’s 100% pure (nutty smell: check), organic and eco. This brand never tests their products with animals which is a huuuge plus (neither do Pura D’or btw..). For hair Aria Starr argan oil was also awesome: very easy to apply with a dropper, it gave a great shine and wasn’t greasy at all. Plus for the dark glass bottle and beautiful label. Great quality-price ratio!

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