Jojoba Oil Natural Oils Review

Jojoba Oil Review – The Best Jojoba Oil Brands


Best Jojoba Oil Brands

There are multiple jojoba oil brands in the market so it’s sometimes hard to tell which jojoba oil brand is worth buying. I have tested multiple jojoba oil brands and I hope this jojoba oil review helps you to choose the best jojoba oil brand and product for you. I have gathered here the best jojoba oil brands with reviews.

#1 Leven Rose Organic 100% Pure Cold Pressed Unrefined Natural Jojoba Oil jojoba1

This 100% pure Leven Rose jojoba oil is pure awesomeness in a bottle. My skin and hair felt like silk with no oily residue. I  tried other brands that were more frugally priced but not pleased with the quality. This was definitely the best jojoba oil product I tested. Leven Rose Organic offers you the best of jojoba oil with all of the vitamins and benefits. I have sensitive skin and this Leven Rose jojoba oil didn’t irritated me at all and it made my hair hair glow. Leven Rose is definitely the best jojoba oil for hair. It’s packed in dark glass bottle and it comes with a dropper which I really liked as it makes applying easier. It comes with one size: 4oz. Money well spent!

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#2 Viva Naturals Cold Pressed And Hexane free Organic Jojoba Oiljojoba2

I loved this brand as well. Viva Naturals jojoba oil transformed my dry, color-treated hair completely. This jojoba oil offers high-quality jojoba oil in dark glass bottle and it comes with a dropper, definitely a plus! Viva Naturals jojoba oil is cold-pressed, certified organic and never exposed to high heat, locking in nutrients like iodine, vitamin E, B vitamins and essential fatty acids. Manufactured in GMP certified facilities in the USA, their amber glass bottles further preserve jojoba oil’s benefits. Viva Naturals jojoba oil is an excellent choice for frizzy and damaged hair! 4oz

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#3 Cliganic USDA Organic Jojoba Oil 100% Pure Unrefined Jojoba Oil

Cliganic jojoba oil for hair is excellent choice also. As someone who suffers from chronic dandruff I can honestly say this product is nothing short of a miracle product. After using it one time I no longer have dandruff and it doubles as a great natural facial cleanser. I think Cliganic jojoba oil is a must have for anyone that cares about their skin and hair. Cliganic jojoba oil has amazing moisturizing qualities and it’s great for hair, skin, face and nails. This product come with a dropper and it is easy to use. Cliganic USDA organic Jojoba Oil is 100% natural with no fillers, dyes or artificial ingredients of any kind. 4oz & 16oz

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Benefits of jojoba oil – What’s so great about jojoba oil for hair?

Jojoba oil is filled with vitamin E, B-complex, zinc, chromium, selenium, iodine, and copper and all of these are needed for growing healthy hair. Jojoba oil is used in skin care also. What makes it so unique compared to other seed oils is that jojoba oil is structurally and chemically very similar to the human sebum, therefore it is the top 1 product of hair and skin care. Healthy hair grows from healthy scalp in which jojoba oil is an excellent product for. Jojoba oil moisturizes scalp effectively, causing long-lasting moisturizing effect with healthy ground for hair to grow. Since jojoba oil is fully natural product it can be used daily without worrying of harsh chemicals getting into your scalp.

Different uses of jojoba oil

Because of jojoba oils excellent qualities, it is used in multiple ways. Here are the most beneficial uses of jojoba oil for jojoba oil review:

  • Hair conditioning
  • Hair mask
  • Lip balm
  • Sun burn – Oil has been used to relief the pain of the sun burn and othe minor skin irritations. It makes you feel more comfortable and reduces flaking and peeling of the skin.
  • Face moisturizer
  • Acne – Because of the anti-microbial properties of jojoba oil it helps you to get clearer skin. Jojoba contains iodine, which may fight harmful bacteria growth that causes pimples, blackheads, and breakouts.
  • Scar and stretch mark minimizer
  • Cuticle oil
  • Anti-age serum – Antioxidants of the jojoba oil helps to give you youthful glow to your face. It reduces the wrinkles around your mouth, eyes and neck.
  • Makeup remover
  • Shaving gel – Using jojoba oil as a shaving gel reduces skin redness and irritation caused by the razor.

Jojoba is been used in many beauty products, such as shampoos and moisturize creams, but I recommend you to get 100% natural pure jojoba oil to get the best benefits of jojoba oil.

I hope this jojoba oil review was useful for you – If you want to read more about jojoba oil, read my article about benefits of jojoba oil.

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