The definition of ‘all natural cosmetics’ is often confused into other terms such as ‘organic’ or products that use both natural and synthetic ingredients. In LoveZenLife ‘all natural’ means that the natural cosmetic product includes only 100% plant-based ingredients without any synthetic ingredient. We remind that a cosmetic product can contain natural-derived ingredients that are highly processed and potentially even harmful. This doesn’t mean that it’s all natural. You can separate all natural cosmetics from natural-derived cosmetic for example looking for natural cosmetics certification of a product. Also if the product is organic it doesn’t mean that it’s all natural. Just like the food can be organic but not vegan. Same goes with organic and all natural. Organic just means that the ingredients are produced organically. All natural cosmetics are also never tested on animals!


This said we have tested, reviewed and ranked the best natural cosmetics products for different categories. Our mission is simple; we want you to find the best natural and organic cosmetics products easily and quickly. Read for example top 3 best natural eye creams and top 5 best natural & aluminum free deodorants review.

best all natural aluminium free deodorant

5 Best All Natural Deodorants That Really Work | Review

Changing normal deodorant into all natural one can be tricky if you don’t know what you are searching for. Luckily we have made the work for you and tested, reviewed and ranked 5 best all natural deodorants. All ranked deodorants are 100% plant-based, all natural and aluminum free without any synthetic ingredients. We tested over 35 different brands and found 5 best natural deodorants in the market.

Enjoy the results.